so long, farewell. its time to say goodbye.

a day after upon arrival @ K.Lumpur,
we were invited for a farewell dinner for my cousin.
he, which is the same year as i am,
would be leaving to UK to further his studies.
2 years.

geeeshh. why so looooooooooooong?!?!?!
its super heartbreaking to see someone leave this country for such long time!

anyway, we'll still miss him like mad cows.

very sad one lorrr.
the more we kept talking,
can see his eyes start to red red and watery already T.T

plus, my younger cousin brother told me a dirty lil secret.
i had to keep my lips sealed. sorry!

we had xmas gifts from aunts as well.
so sweet of them and we didnt expect this coming.

best of luck, dear cousie in UK!
and enjoy! :D

before i end, i shall post up a cute picture of them :)

next update : reunion. im coming lahh. see, i skipped china post because of u guys!

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