life in a not so fab lane!

right now, im waiting for my an hour class to start.
which is another 30 mins to go.
i've been waiting for an hour already and the time is killing me.
its too bored over here.
althou i have friends around and stuff.
but yeah, they're different.
that doesnt mean that i dont appreciate nor remember my secondary school mates.
i do miss the time when we had to line up and singing the national song.
*althou i dont sing*
usually i'll just lip sing or maybe talk to friends.

and i missed the time when i had to shout each and everyone of my classmates just to ensure they do their cleaning duties.
yeah, i know, such a meanie.

things are so much different right now.
as in , i dont have to wear the blue dress that i've been wearing for 5 years.
and i dont have to face teachers that i dislike.
another thing which im not used to is when teachers no longer scolds me.
during classes like now, lecturers wont even bother when we are sleeping in the class.
u can even laugh and play with your phone.
it was different during secondary, where we had to hide our phones under the desk just to send a text message.
geeeee, those were the best memories.

althou i've made another step forward on my education,
im still not used with everything here.
nothing is better compared the past.
:( i miss each and everyone of you !

anyway, the person whom im waiting to come home right now is amy,
my one and only tea session kaki !
amy, please come home faster, i cant do this alone.
there's nobody to share my thoughts with :(

right, and another thing, i apologize for the china post.
promise i'll get back to it soon!

there are too many things to do,
and i dont know which to start first.