shanghai day 1

i dont remember what time i arrived Shanghai.
but the journey was horrible.
the plane was shaky that made me felt dizzy.
plus, the food, eeeewwww. see also no appetite already.
ate their salad and some jelly only.
and they gave us ferrero rocher :) wheeee.
had hard time sleeping as well. SIGH.

minutes before touch down,
i realise that i needed to pee super badly.
and its already stated that cannot unbuckle seatbelt.
i cannot tahan until i had to unbuckle the seatbelt.
i was thinking "fml lor. what if my butt got stuck in that toilet bowl!?"
i didnt care and told the air stweardess it was an emergency and showed her the emergency face. LOL.

the airstewardess said " miss u better careful ah! really ah! better becareful ! because it might be a sudden jerk when it stops. very dangerous!"

from that phrase i knew i needed to do my business faster.
i dare not to come out from the toilet until i felt the jerk.
i waited for quite sometime.
until i heard something,
people taking down their hand luagage -__-
i waited like a dummy.
but nevermind, for safety purpose ma! ;)

as we step down from the plane,
i could feel the cold air.
wheee. i love winter places. :)

i went to get myself cleaned up at the toilet.
so many people looking. fml ._.

then the national leader thought that we shud have our breakfast at burger king first.
and thank god the workers understand english.
since my sucky chinese hasnt warm up yet.

off to the bus.
and went to the Pearl tower.

i guess even hurricane come, this tower wont timber ;)

when we were entering, got band to welcome us tim.
not bad not bad. ;)
plus, they dress up so neatly!
malaysia, this is something for u to learn!

view from the top.

sister with SaiB.
its the first time SaiB travelling overseas! :D
DaiB already 3rd country! hehehe!

dead and zombie-ish look.
not enough sleep at all lor.
*fish, this is a picture of me wearing the winter jacket ;) hope u're still able to read this!*

i love this picture of me and daddy!

obviously sister is using SaiB to camwhore.

for this picture,
i needed alot of courage and braveness to snap it lorr.
its like,
damn high up and i dont even dare to take a step.
not even to the middle.
while other people still dare to stand there long long and JUMP.
fml ._.

moments later we came back down.
another picture session with the tower.

i almost had to lie on the floor to take this picture. -_-

later that we head to Hangzhou.
2 - 3 hours journey.
the national guide was talking a lot until i fell into a deep sleep.
plus super cold !

had lunch
*dont expect any food pictures during meals. because its kinda rude to snap pictures lah*
then checked in the hotel.
had rest and showered.

then dinner and headed to somewhere for a night show.
fyi ; at 5.30pm the sky there is super duper dark already. as if like msia 8pm already.

and not to forget,
the show was outdoor.
fml 10000000000000 times.
and forgot to mention, on that day the temperature was -1, celsius.
so we gotta freeze ourselves outside for an hour.
10 mins also suffering enough already T.T

cant even hold the camera properly.

some water effect ;)

one thing i was curious that,
its like, all the time they were performing on the water.
kicking and splashing water. wtf.

okay, shall end day 1.


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