Shanghai Day 2

Day 2. wohoo.
if not mistaken, we were at Hangzhou for 2 nights :D
the hotel wasnt that bad. i kinda like it.

early morning we headed to this i dont know what park.
*i am trully sorry if i dont remember names. their names are so similar lor*

start off a picture of parents!

and my sister!

as for mine, lol. most of it are inside SaiB.
plus, u wouldnt wana see my picture so much right ?? :D

walked around and i saw this fish pond.
so pretty! :D

and this pigeon, super naughty.
always stand on my shadow.

mom and dad's romantic picture. i kinda like it. makes me go aww :D

later on we headed to this tea plantation area,
which is quite different from camerons.
china people fancy green tea.
most of the stuff u can see with greentea flavour,
which is not bad lor!

he has the funniest expression ever.
i couldnt stop laughing. althou i didnt understand a word he said.

the AA grade of green tea.
which is seriously very very nice.
but super expensive.
its unlike the green tea we drink in sushi king lor.
this is really nice ;)
i think they even say the tea leaves are edible.

later that night,
we headed to this place,
which looks like an ancient village.
u know, im those chinese ancient show typo.
its really cute where they are tons of street perfomances and stuff.
we didnt really have much time to visit the whole thing since we had to rush to watch another show.
this time national guide says need to snatch one wor.
he even said he tried arguing with a woman in front of the crowd for the sake of snatching tickets for his tour.

but before the show, i manage to snap some pictures.

this is how the street looked like.

some ancient weapon shop.

okay, after this shot, this fella looks dulan already.
because i used flash to snap his picture -_-

and there is this uncle selling snacks.

there is this short show,
where the lady is seeking for husband through the crowd who watches this show.
she'll be doing it by throwing the flower ribbon *which is round in shape*
any lucky man who catches it,
will go up for the wedding ceremony.

so yeah, the bridegroom will dressed up in red suit.
and i dont know what crap they talked again.
it seriously sucks to be a banana.

after the show,
it was the real show time.

the dancers so slim lor T_T

i like this picture. so sweet and cute!

this is the chinese version of romeo and juliet.

oh yeah, eventually, the whole show was a combination of different stories.
different chinese ancient stories.

this picture somekind reminds me of james bond.

shall end this post with this picture which i loved most.
at first it was a crappy picture i thought,
i find it interesting in the end.

oh ya oh ya,
the night before,
right after we reached the hotel,
we got hungry, so we went out for some supper.
we ate chicken noodles with hot soup which is very nice.
then we happen to pass by a pastry shop.
we bought each of almost every flavour of his pastry.
and i bought this buscuit with sunflower seed topping.
it happen to be so god damn good that i almost cried.
but, on day 2, it happened to be a sunday. HIS SHOP IS NOT FRIGGIN OPEN!
i was damn sad lorrrr.

and mom ate all my biscuits.
i was super duper sad.
althou i could find the same biscuit everywhere,
but, all not nice one ah. T_T

until now i still miss that biscuit mannn!

and its so friggin cheap!
50 cents for a big piece of biscuit. as in like RM lor.
and their cake is like, we can never get in malaysia.

okay, i should stop now before i get too high.


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