shanghai day 3

i know i've neglect this blog for a long duration.
yeah, im always tired after classes.
and the homeworks. geeee.

and yeah, its been almost 2 months since i've came back from china,
most of the places names i kinda forget.
so yeah, plus. its almost every night im changing hotels and travelling to one and another place or city should i say.

the 3rd morning, first place was the temple.
geeeee, BORING!

i love the clear blue sky!

family picture.

i spend most of the time taking miscellaneous pictures.
as all the temples looks almost the same kan?

but at least got a picture lah :P

i call him amber chia or angelina jolie.
because he has sexy lips and butt ! :D
no idea why his lips were so red.
prolly of the cold weather.

after that duno go what crap place. i dont remember names. FML!
its like a kampung-ed area.
which is very very very loong ago one lah.
like those olden time people live those place.

this bamboo stick actually very tall one.
but, i lazy to bend down and take lor.
*i mean, if bend, it looked like i was about to lie on the floor already. plus, so dirty! *

and the chinese medication area.

we happen to see this old lady carry her doggy
the doggy so cuteeeee!

then the old lady started to say something which i dont understand.
nah, see, this is what u get for not studying mandarin since young!

my gaya daddddy :D

haha, i personally love this picture.
spooky enough.
and i the leg, wasnt on purpose.
someone happen to pass by.

this is another place which i dont know.
plus, its kinda late edi,
around 430pm if not mistaken.
sky got slightly darker.
thats why i said its late. since the sky got dark.

a cute picture of the parents.

we went on a short cruise

this picture was taken in the cruise. along the river .

on the bridge.
the lights are so pretty !

after that was dinner time.
if not mistaken, we went for shopping.
bcs, fml, i dont remember. @____@

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