shanghai day 4

rise and shine for day 4.
start off our jorney to this museum,
fyi : china ah, almost everywhere can be museum one lor. as long as its old and antique, can consider liao ~__~
this is somekind of mansion if not mistaken.

sissy with SaiB, g11.

they said something special about the stones.
but i dont remember and understand also.
so ya la. i also itchy hand, snap this picture.

see, daddy also show the sad face because it was boring.
sometimes i felt that, i rather sleep in the bus than visiting all these "musems" lor.
so boring.
the bus so cooling and comfy.
*not really comfy lah, just being, bias. well, the cold weather made me feel like sleeping only lor*

so classic!

this boy is super duper cute!
his name is Ian *not sure its I or E also*
he's super talkative one lor.

yes, my face missing. T___T

then we had free time to walk around.
oh yeah,
the mr guide says that, better not to walk the stone caves lor.
at first i dont believe one.
so small, how to get trapped.
mana tao, when i was looking for my parents,
me and my sister almost got sesat inside.
dont play play -____-

jeng jeng jeng jeng, finally a picture of me.
my face so ROUND -__-
*i love my boots lah! plus, it was on sale! *
and yeah, i know people heard me complaining saying that wearing boots isnt nice.
my meaning was,
KL is super hot, u wear boots to make ur legs feel even hotter.
plus, boots looks nice in winter time only lor.
and if people insist on wearing boots in KL,
please get a nicer abit boots la.
get like, leather type of boots lah,
not those with furballs or whatsoever. -____-

skinny sissy. so envy!

my leng leng mama :)

my sissy looked like she is standing straight for the national song lor -__-

next station,
the silk factory!
another boring place.
i tell you, whenever there is a FACTORY ,
surely its boring and takes a whole load of hours one lor.
because those kiasu aunties wana buy stuff -___-

one of the factory worker.
she's so cute, purposely let me snap her picture one lor.


as u can see, its so freaking fine!

very small piece only...

and jeng jeng, can cover the whole table already.
plus, silk is super strong lor. very hard to tear.

and the buying goes for hours.
haihhh. boring.

next was this monumen.
i duno who is that la.
but as i know, to see his tomb or something,
have to climb duno-how-many-ratus stairs one lor.

i love this picture a lot lor.
haha. look at daddy's face.
and mom was like, smilling at him :D

sissy again.

i love this picture. i take one ahhh! boo you sissy! hahahaha.

i dont know what sissy was doing.
but, she looks like a monkey lor.

no more pictures already for the day.
because, i took the challenge to walk up the stairs with my sister.
and i didnt bring the camera along.
and i made to the top.
it was a breathtaking scene lor.
its like, u're standing on the cloud!