hot hot hot

its the final day of the week in college.
tests is coming next week.
which means, after this test, im a step closer to finals.
and after finals, freedom ;)
really cant wait for the semester break.

as for the weekend,
i'll be going to kuantan to visit the grannies.
i miss them tons.
its been a while since we went to kuantan as well.
missing the sandy bitch. i mean beach.

this time i wana visit Berserah beach instead of Teluk chempedak *sorry, there are no cempedak there. not a single one. i was once cheated by the name.*
i wana go Berserah beach its because i was so amazed by the movie Tiger Wohoo.
it looked so nice and clean.
oh well, i guess thats the magic of filming effects?

the next thing is,
JJ will be going along too :)
awesomeness. JJ can get to go to the beach, AGAIN

so yup, gona end this here. shall update again!

p/s the weather is so cb hot. i cannot tahan.

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