not so awesome week

i thought that i would be ending my week in college smoothly.
apparently , not as smooth as i was expected.
i think god hates me now.
or maybe karma for putting on a curse on my few friends.
fyi ; i dont curse in an evil way okay.

firstly , on thursday.
sissy and i wanted to renew our passports.
so i thought of going after class and to subang airport.
minus the fuss and jams going to kl.
right, so we thought we act smart wana save money.
we DIY-ed our passport photo by using my DaiB and buying a blue cardboard.
instead my sister got those kind which is plastiky kind.
obviously ended up with some glaring kind.
we decided to take the risk.
and i were the workers in the immigration, i wouldnt mind as long i could see ur face.

so, after my morning class, went to print it out.
2 fucking sets for rm24. wtf.
sighhh. so i thought, its okay. ignore the cost.

we reached to the airport, took number and waited for the number to be called.
so yeah, the picture wasnt accepted due to the glare.
i pretended and said that fella took it like that and we dont know.
she pointed at the picture saying my hair and fringe cannot.
vark it. so we went to the booth and paid rm10 for a new one.
i had to put on the ribbon clip to clip my fringe up.
great, so now my passport picture is "awesome"
people would be prolly wondering whats on my hair.

i head back to the same counter.
and another bad news came.
which means i had to renew it. waste time -___-

went back home,
and well to the mall to renew my IC.
looking not so nice as well.


i had to wake up super early to return back to the airport.
okay, everything went smoothly.
i dont have to take number and all.
so i feel some luck coming back.

went to coll and met friends at McD.
i tripped over a chair leg,
thank god i didnt fall.
thats okay. small issue.
next, went to pool.
i tripped over my friend's bag on the floor,
and the whole coffee spilled on my file.
and my papers got wet.
which includes my bag and pencil case T_____T
i smelt like coffee for the entire day.

went to subang parade to meet up parents.
every where the parking basement full.
until i saw one and entered.
was stuck on the hill for a loooooong time.
the ticket wasnt coming down.
i had to reverse out
that time i was late enough already !
like an hour.
until i had to park at the outdoor parking.

what a life.

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