one down. few more to go.

hey humans. right, i guess my blog readers are like, 0% right now?
i dont care neeways.
for my own pleasureee :D

just had my final paper for one of my LAN subject which is the malaysian studies.
*LAN is not the chinese vulgarish okay.
im hoping that i could pass that lousy subject in able for me to STOP studying about history.
im sick of history lah.

anyway, after that paper,
i got myself to sunway hotel to atttend "too hot to handle" even by Euphoria.
sad thing since its an event for 18+ by month.
so i had to go alone. anyway, im okay with that. shopping alone isnt that bad :D
*self convince*

going to bazaar like this indeed a nice experince.
was quite enjoying too.
i was also the first time i sipped on cocktails.
wheee. free flow.
and the place was not bad looking
*mind me, its the first time i enter club. so kinda kampung-ish lah me*

also i sign up for a ladies VIP card which i thought its a membership for the event itself,
but suprisingly no.
its frm Euphoria itself and its for life :D
that entitles me to get a goodie bag as well.
i love the goodie bag !

so yeah, walked for few hours and i went home dead tired.

got some rest and cleanned up to attend my aunt's house warming
her house is HUGEEEEE.

okay, gona end it here ! nights !

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