ups and downs.

i know its random to come back out of sudden,
i think i should actually blog once in a while. like really awhile.

after being in college for the 4th month, i realise things are getting tougher and unpredictable.
as in like,
this week i could be as free as a bird,
the following i would have to brush things up or maybe rush things.
and, its not because i do my assignments at the very last minute.
i do things in advance to aviod clashes.

what i hate most is when the assignments come rushing in one time.
and also when we had to work in groups. its pretty frustrating to know one of ur members actually dont put on effort when they get all the marks.
i guess this is how college life is all about.

it also made me realise that time passes really quickly.
especially when you're couting weeks.

and i start to miss the spoon feedings by my school teachers :(

oh well. time to stand up and fight.