bee boo.

prolly after this post i wont be blogging soon.
gotta prepare for the finals and after finals is already the trip !
which has been booked since begining of the year :D
cant wait.

some lecturers considered the last week of class as study break.
some didnt clarify it as study break.
which actually makes me feel sad,
as certain lecturers would not be teaching us for the next semester.
eventhou only 5 months being with them,
i've realise they were friendly and helpful towards every students.
compared to our secondary school teachers it was way different.

then, im glad that, im getting course grades which satisfied me.
but whats important is the finals.
obviously when we fear of failure we aim for pass.
and when we manage to pass, we aim for distinction.
that's human nature i guess.
seriously, im hoping to at least get B for my subjects.
at least it doesnt look that bad. :\
oh well. gotta study harder next semester if i manage to pass this semester :)

i would surely miss my favourite lecturers !

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