caught on fire.

my hands got itchy so yup,
here i am, blogging again! :D

this week is just plain boring.
certain classes are on but mostly are off.
and what's interesting,
today level 4 gent's toilet caught on fire.
the emergency bell rang.
first thing came in my mind was, should i just run or crap?
see this is what happen when u dont take fire drill seriously.
to be frank, my mind went completely blank that time.
until i started thinking that, the fire isnt that bad, must well i just stay inside the class,
since next to the class is the emergency exit :D

what got into our minds..
confirm someone was smoking in the toilet,
and threw ciggie buds into the rubbish bin filled with tissue papers,
then kaboom. there goes the fire.
but we were wrong.
it was the hand dryer and i had no idea how it exploded.
yes, it exploded and the dryer was fried.
half fried la. causing the whole wall black in colour.

i was told by some friends that when the emergency bell rang, the lift went to first floor and stopped functioning.
even the fire shutter came down.
which i didnt get to kepo that part.
overall, quite a number of people went and kepo la.
plus, one of my coll mate was the one who put off the fire.
geeee, risky. if i was the one who is inside the gent's toilet i would either hide in the toilet cell or i dont know. wtf.
i mean, how can people think while they are in danger ?!

security guards suspected it was a sabotage against the college.

anyways, such a tiring and interesting day.
11 years being in gov school, i have not witnesses any fire incident at all.
now, only the 5th month, there's a fire.

ending here. ciaos!

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