good old times.

starring a cup of hot starbucks suddenly gave me a flashback.

i remembered how u traveled the cup of hot drink from your place over to mine.
i knew how far it was.
yet, all i did was neglecting it.
deep down in my heart i was feeling puzzled and heartbroken.
when u left, i walked towards the coffee table where i placed the cup.
i took a small sip and i was expecting a sweet taste.
sadly, no. it didnt taste sweet at all.
not a single drip of the drink was sweet at all.
it didnt trigger my tastebuds and also my heart.
instantly, i headed to my kitchen and stood right in front of the trash bin.
i threw that cup of drink without looking back.
from that point, i knew that it was the end of our knot.
all i did was cutting the knot and threw it away.
it would be hard for me to cut just like that, but heck, i had no choice.

i felt thats the best for us.