happy momma's day

just a brief update for mother's day and also what's going on lately.

first of all, happy mother's day to all mothers.
we had our wonderful dinner @ Italianese.
this time, didnt failed us.
as i remember, the first time we visited Italianese was at 1U, and it was also Mother's day.
so yup. overall the dinner was satisfying.
it was my first time ordering risotto.
i find it quite nice :)

next, what happened lately was,
i finally had my first formal presentation.
which actually lasted for 5 mins. it was a solo one.
i was super duper panic.
couldnt sleep the night before.
overall the presentation was alright, at least i achieved a satisfying mark :)
one more presentation to go and im done for this semester.
and im having my Maths test 2 tomorrow as well.
geee, i hate the chapters which are coming out.
its so boring. especially intergration and differentiation.

anyway, thats it for this time :)

im repeating this over and over agan : I CANNOT WAIT FOR MY SEMESTER BREAK!

i think i deserve one after 5 solid months in college w.o holidays.
excluding the CNY holidays. :\

nights ! :)