what's left ?

im back ! :D

finally, im done with all the presentations and all.
only one more test to go and im up for the finals,
which is only like, a week away!

im glad that the presentation went really well.
althou certain things were not well planned at first.
and there were certain conflicts.

i think i have anger problems.
when things dont suppose to go that way, i tend to lose my temper :\
sometimes it might be a lil too much, but i cant help it.
its prolly because im afraid of being bullied or maybe people taking advantage on me ?
sighhh. maybe i should try controlling.

anyways back to the presentation.
we're glad that we did a run on with the lecturer.
as she was so kind to spare her time advising us.
and also becky. who did really taught us how to present well.
i gotta seriously respect her for that.
overall, the lecturer said we were the best group :)
im glad that our hardwork was appreciated and all.

i gotta seriously pull my socks up for the finals.
althou a few subjects i know i've already passed or so.
i still think getting good grades are the motivators and it pours satisfaction into my heart (:
im gona work hard for that !

till then!

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