broga update (:

hello peeps.
finally im free !
my very first semester is finally done.

right, as promised, broga update.
after 123456789101112... years.

sorry, my bad.
and sorry Amy, made u waited this long :P

i think it was pretty last minute.
sissy suggested to go up since we've been craving to climb up.
i was expecting nicely made stairs or whatever crap.
apparently, NOT.

oh well, making up to the top is worth it.
the view was super duper nice (:
and of course, sometimes our fatty bodies need to move or burn out some fats.

purpose to climb up broga is for the sake of sunrise.
sadly, i think the sun isnt in a good mood that day.
or i guess i was too busy hiking until i didnt notice the sunrise.

we woke up super duper early.
and went to pick Amy up.
on the way, we passed by Nottingham Uni.
i was impressed by the size of the Uni.
but not impressed with the location.
middle of the highway with no shoplots around.
thank god i didnt enrol there since my dad suggested me to study there.

right, cutting the bullshits. picture time !

one of the peaks. purplish sky!

sky got a little brighter.

thank god for these "stairs" or else i'll die even harder.
me ; amy

sissy's friend named John.
in able to make him look "noticeable"
we flashed the torchlight towards his face :P

and the gay-tards.
sissy's man on the right side.

the trio !

Amy !
suprisingly, she has the "umph" to go hiking.
especially when it requires on waking up super duper early
since she isnt a morning type of person :P

the view (:

confession session.

sissy and I.

i personally love this shot of Amy.
i know, overexposed and too much editing.
who cares ? and who doesnt edit their pictures anyway?
and i love the composition of this picture ! *self praise*

okay, u can skip this bottom picture.

the lovely lovebirds. i love this picture too!
*okay, self praising again.*

shall end the photo session here.

after the picture sessions, we went back down.
how i wished i could roll down insteaed T___T
my legs were so worn out until it shook so badly.
its not because i was afraid of height or something.
it come naturally :\

anyway, it was super duper packed.
instead of taking the man made "stairs"
we glidded down. i mean, not all the way down la obviously.
seriously, glidding down feels dangerous but super fun.
althou u're getting ur pants dirty la.
but hiking doesnt sound like a clean activity to me :p

i dislike people who actually cut que or suddenly jump infront of u when its so freaking jam.
its not like it make any difference if u go in front of me right ?
gessshh. kiasu malaysians !

after hiking we went back to Taman Connaught, Cheras for breakkie session.
dim sum. i dont rememer the name,
but, it sucks.
no idea why is it so freaking packed.
i still prefer HappyGarden, OUG dimsum :D

headed back quite early with a pair of numb legs.
which is the hour that im suppose to be sleeping.
oh well. i quite enjoy that day.

anyway, before i finish this post, i shall list a few tips for hiking in case any of u guys who wants to go broga for the first time :)

1) REMEMBER to wear sport shoes. or any suitable shoes. possible, get shoes with spikes at the bottom of the shoes. better not wear sandals or slippers for the sake of being handsome or pretty up there or else u'll end up regretting for having blisters or cuts all over ur feet.

2) bring a towel. obviously u'll sweat while hiking.

3) torchlight. getting a white coloured light is best. this is super essential especially when u're going up there super duper early. dont expect street lights along the way up.

4) bring extra attire. in case u are going somewhere else like what i did, better bring extra attire to change to prevent being wet, stinky or catching a cold.

5) bring bottles of water. dont expect people to open stall at the peak. even if im the seller i also wont purposely climb up to sell drinks.

6) mosquito repellent. just in case and also for the ladies who are anti- mosquitoes.

7) bring an umbrella (not those foldable ones) or a hiking poles or walking stick. i did not bring but i saw a number of people using it. i can tell that its useful especially when u have to deal with slippery pathways.


9) get some guy friends to come along. at least they could give a helping hand during hard times. (:

10) lastly, NEVER EVER GO UP DURING PUBLIC HOLIDAYS! im not sure about weekends, but to prevent human traffic jam, go during non peak days!

i think so far thats it i could think about.
hopefully these tips are useful ;)