Hanoi Day 1

Day 1 in Hanoi.

this time sissy's bf travelled along!

I'll make this short and quick.
since, pictures important most right ? :D

we checked in Sunshine Palace Hotel, old quarters.
right, i expected something biggie and grand.
apparently not.
it looked like somekind of small cheap hotel like the ones we always see in Pudu or KL.
it was located at the middle of busy road with honkings every 5 seconds. (yes, i actually counted the intervals wtf )

until i actually stepped a foot into the room.
i was seriously amazed.
the room was quite spacious and i could consider it big for such area.
its actually quite clean and new looking. not like those horrible cheap rooms in KL which is only a size of a storeroom with only single bed with a cheap thin blanket and pillow. adding on where u dont have ur own personal toilet and u need to go out and share toilets with people. wtf. horrifying. (i got these illustrations from hongkong drama series. and i dont actually know how KL cheap hotels looks like okay)
whats even cooler, they got computers in each room ! which means, free internet access!
*2 thumbs up and a wide wide smile*
i was actually very satisfied with the room. therefore, i recommend there!

remember the name : SUNSHINE PALACE HOTEL, Ma May street, Old quarters.
(im glad that my memory is still fresh after so many weeks)

this is the view of outside the hotel room (sissy's room)

and also another good thing about the location is that, u can get almost anything as soon as u set a foot out from the hotel. i mean, u wouldnt want to spend ur expensive flight ticket by staying at a glamourous hotel BUT in an isolated place with no shops around right? so,make ur holidays productive !

right after checking in, we decided to hunt for a place to eat.
walking around is streets is scary for first timers.
especially dealing with the traffic over there.
these streets are mostly filled with motorcycles.
whats worst they honk non stop and also driving quite clumsily.
it freaked me out when i witnessed 2 motorcycles knocked each other and one of the fella just knock and run T___T how scary is that!

we went to LadyBird restaurant for food.
a fusion of western and vietnamese food at Hang Buom street (not sure correct or not the street. do ask the hotel for a map. they do provide :D )
but of course u would wana try their local food as well right? so, go ahead and tickle ur tastebuds!

momma's vietnam filtered coffee.

after lunch, we walked around the streets

daddy and his lost face.
(right behind : a beer shop if not mistaken. they sell super cheap beer where u can sit and listen to some honkings and eat peanuts. thats what i saw the angmohs do la.)

another must do in hanoi is that trying their road side local food.

which is very famous and common. even local people actually "dine" in these stalls.
u can see it almost everywhere or every corner.
it costs around rm3-4 per bowl.
and make sure u have a strong stomach!

this coffee shop is located nearest to our hotel.
however, not suggesting u guys to enter since its quite expensive.
before we bought, we actually asked some local chefs about the coffee in Hanoi.
he suggested us to buy Trung Nguyen label and numbers ranging from 4 to 8 if not mistaken.
the numbers indicates the quality of the coffee :)

next, we ended up watching water puppet show.
its one of the attraction and yes, it sounds boring.

(this is how the stage looks like)

we bought tickets for the 630pm show.
and their tickets are really cheap eventhou it is for the front seats.
by the way, they actually have 2 sections. the front and back seats.
the puppet show is all about vietnam's culture and yes, im actually quite impressed with the show.
althou its a little boring and u dont really understand what on earth they are talking about.
but i do love they way the coordinate those puppets.
somehow it reminds me of the disney movie Pinocchio.

lastly, we went for dinner at NewDay restaurant which is also nearby (walking distance) from our hotel.
its more proper as in they have serve local dishes and sort of like chinese food over there.
not bad and also worth the money :)

End of day 1 !

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