My Water Moments ♥

Since Im a kid, I have always loved the water.
I would say I fell in love with the water when my parents bought be kiddie float,
which is the arm float.

in case u are wondering how it looks like :

[picture was taken from Google]

Soon enough, i upgraded to another kind of float, which is the round ones.

[picture was taken from Google]

One day, I tried swimming without the float which ended up drowning.
thank god someone pulled me up or else I would be drinking loads of water and probably die.

Since then, i never dare to swim again.

Then, during my secondary times, which is Form5,
my besties actually decided to swim.
I was thinking, maybe i could just play the water instead of swimming right ?
no harm trying to swim right since my friends are good swimmers.
and, if anything happens they are at least there for me (:

Therefore, I took the challenge.
this time, i took my favourite camera that my daddy bought for me past 2 years.
which is the Canon 450D.

no doubt that the camera gives me good picture quality.
here are the pictures that I've taken on that swimming day :

to me, these pictures look great.
i used zoom lens to snap these pictures which ended up shaky pictures.
why would I use zoom lens?
I told them to stand far away from my camera as my camera isnt water proof at all.
as a person who sayangs camera as I do, would not risk their camera right?

although these pictures looks great but yet, it didnt give me full satisfaction.
I wish i could actually dip my body down into the pool and take a few steps closer to them and snap pictures by using Sony TX5
Or maybe, i could actually take from several angles of them which might actually enhance the picture even more.
too bad, my camera restricts me to do so.

another picture of my besties:

i was pretty sad that i was not able to join them for a group picture.
if and only if my camera was water proof like SONY TX5.

If SONY TX5 falls into my hands,
im pretty sure it makes things much more easier.
i would be able to snap pictures with my besties while swimming.
not to mention, we might be making funny poses underwater.
it would be great to create memories by using SONY TX5 camera which is waterproof.
it also gives an advantage of light weightness and compact in size.
lastly, it is water proof! i dont have to protect SONY TX5 like a baby!

SONY TX5 's speciality is not only that is waterproof,
it also gives :

Beautiful images—even in low light
For low-light environments, the back-illuminated "Exmor R" CMOS sensor delivers stunning performance and increases sensitivity by 2x to reduce noise. ( noisy pictures are total turndowns! )

Natural and vibrant image
BIONZ Image Processing Engine drastically lowers noise level and achieves high accuracy in auto-focusing, exposure auto-correction and auto white balancing; creating a more natural and vibrant image in different shooting environments. ( say goodbye to over exposed or under exposed pictures! therefore, less editing needed! hooray! )

Realistic photos with excellent contrast
The Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar Lens delivers uncompromised, accurately detailed and realistic photos with excellent contrast. (pictures that makes u feel that u're in the picture! )

Capture perfect twilight shots

With Handheld Twilight mode, your images boast 50% less noise because the high sensitivity “Exmor R” CMOS sensor coupled with BIONZ imaging processor allows the camera to superimpose six visual frames to create a single optimised image.

Even when taking a picture at a high ISO setting or without using a tripod, you still enjoy cleaner, sharper images with Handheld Twilight. ( no more difficulties on night pictures!)


Dive in with the water-proof Cyber-shot TX5. Capture beautiful underwater shots up to 3m deep for up to 60 minutes. ( yipee! )

Keep on shooting even below freezing point up to –10ºC** with this tough camera in harsh weather conditions. (awesome for winter countries! )

With the superb dust-resistance of the Cyber-shot TX5, you can be assured to always get spotless images whatever the environment is! (saving some time cleaning the camera lens )

The shock-proof design of the Cyber-shot TX5 allows drops of up to a height of 1.5m*, the usual height we hold the camera for photo-taking. ( less worries on dropping the camera! :D )

Effortless panoramic photos

Enjoy beautiful panoramic shots by sweeping your camera horizontally to create stunning landscape shots, or vertically to capture tall objects. Intelligent Sweep Panorama also recognises faces or subject movement automatically and cleverly stitches the photos together to create a natural-looking panoramic shot. ( great for group pictures! )

Clear and sharp images in low-light environment

Anti-motion Blur mode uses six superimposed frames to create one single optimised image with 50% less noise. This means you are able to shoot with high ISO settings in low-light environments, reducing noise and subject blur, giving you clear and sharp images. ( say yay for clear pictures!! )

Takes 10 photos in 1 second

Capture capture fast actions or a moving subject in a sequence of 10 continuous frames per second. This sequence of continuous shots are also grouped to simplify playback as the camera analyses each group in order to locate and display the best shot automatically. ( hassle free to take motion pictures! :D )

therefore, im hoping that nuffnang would be kind to present me the SONY TX5 !

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