PuffyLab ♥ Freebies!

I love the name called PuffyLab.
How cute and creative it is :D

Anyway, my main point is,
PuffyLab is a company that sells awesome tees by designers.
YUP. DESIGNERS. NOT kelefeh type of tees where u can find in the night market. wtf

Interested in PuffyLab?
Sign up to get a FREE launch tee worth RM45.
How to sign up?
I'm pretty sure that everyone has Facebook nowadays, right ?

So, just invite your friends to join via Facebook, Twitter & Email.

By sending a number of invites, you're entitled to :

15 invites get you a Awesome Red launch tee
50 invites get you a Ocean Blue launch tee and VIP status.
250 invites get you a Ocean Blue launch tee and SVIP status.

Therefore, invite more friends to join this contest.

Simple, right ? :D

Lastly, hello to designers, here's your chance to shine !

If you are designers, you can submit your design to team[at] to earn up to RM500 commission.

I purposely bold on the Rm500 commission one :P to emphasise how good the pay is !

Join PuffyLab NAOOOO! Click here:

P/S : Don't forget to join their page in Facebook too!