Right, I'm warning u guys, this post is a ranting post.
Run while u can.

I'm pretty sure that everyone including the news are reporting about this random octopus named Paul originated from England that has six sense.
*yes, I googled, Paul is from England and then transfered to Germany*
To be precise, Paul predicts the winning team of football.
You must be wondering how can an eww-ey gooey slimmy animal predict?
I mean, I would have gotten a dog or a better looking animal I could.
Honestly, I dont trust the whole predicting thing from Paul.
*althou so far this FIFA predictions were 100% accurate*
What I suspect was, maybe there's someone behind PAUL who predicts and trains this ugly animal for the sake of keeping anonymous?

I mean, if u had to predict, obviously u wouldnt wana get killed or shot by some random hater right?
Life is short enough and u wana shorten it ?

Regarding to the boxes which is placed into the aquarium,
with the same amount of food and same type of food *if not mistaken*
I have no comments on that and if Paul is fed with muscles? I dont know nor care,
Obviously if im the sotong I'll choose the nicer looking / nicer smell/ bigger in size food right?

Paul's previous history he predicted a few matches for I dont know what kind of football match.
his predictions won like 4/6?
Look, if Paul predicts football, why not call him to predict for the future?
As in, when is the earth gona dai or whatever sort of craps.
Okay, maybe that's too much.
Maybe predict any other sports? :D

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I'm finding Paul is somekind of gimic.
I dont believe in animals predicting :\
Oh well. Just my own thinking.
Dont shoot me if u love Paul.

Anyway, if u wana get closer to Paul,
He's using Twitter right now if not mistaken.

Feel free to make him happy by following or say how much u love him.

As I know, he is wanted by tons of people.
Tako balls anyone ?

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