Thanks Nuffnang !

Yeap, a short update for today! :D

First of all I gotta thank Nuffnang for the pair of invites to catch the premiere of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse!
And yes Nuffnang, I love you tons to bits!

Since its a pair of invites, I've decided to invite my I-have-known-her-a-long-time-friend, Amy!
She was also my guide of the day.
As u people know, I'm not a pro on directions and all. :D

We arrived an hour before just to ensure the traffic was smooth due to the rainy weather and all.
Suprisingly, the traffic was very good.
So, I've decided to line up for the Nuffnang counter first to get better seats. And yays, not that bad seat after all.
But, I dont really like the cinema seats, not comfy at all ):

After collecting the tickets, we bitches had our dinner at Lil Penang.
It's glad to see Amy with good appetite despite what she has been thru for the week :)

Then we headed down for some shopping and bumped into Kieran, my collegemate.
Amy got herself a new pencil case for college :D

And off for the movie!
I would rate that movie 2.8/5
It was slow and dull most of the time.
Wait, maybe I'll change my mind.
I'll rate it 3/5 and its for the sake of Jacob's hot abs.
And I hate Bella for being so greedy in that story. GAHHH!
If she doesnt wants Jacob, just give it to me!

After the movie, I've decided to camwhore a little since I rarely hang around The Curve mall.
The lightnings are so pretty and all.

Right, shall stop here!
Thanks again Nuffie!

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