hello mellow (:

its alrd the 6th day having my bracies on.
i am how ugly betty's friend d:

i had to extract one tooth at the lower jaw, right at the middle.
and it hurts quite a lot. ):
imagine pulling a tooth out by force even with the painkiller injections that didnt help much

after that i had my full bracies on.
which didnt actually hurt much yet.
it feels like the jaws are being tied.
couldnt chew at all at that time ):
which means, my menu of the week would be only liquid "food"
congee. toufu. all the time.
whats worst, i gotta eat them by swallow ):

now its the 6th day and it isnt that bad.
althou it still hurts when i try to chew.
right now, i am so gona cherish the food that i can eat already.
not gona decline or complain!

rahhhh. i wana eat pasta and sushi so badly ):

neeways, cut the craps.
i finally bought stuff for the family using my first pay :D

sissy ; Thomas Sabo charm (an aeroplane)
daddy; a Tee from Crocodile.
momma; Istean voucher

happy happy happy (:

2nd cheque please come faster will you? :D

and yes, is anyone interested on a brand new whiteberry, Bold 2 @ RM1580.
drop a comment :D tq!

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