The reason why i love home is that i get to refrain myself from noises.
The reason why i hate my uni life now is because im being sunk into noises.

For god's sake,
cant people just control or respect ?
I dont care if anyone from my uni sees this post because im just voicing out the fact.
I might have pointed fingers and yes, i know, 3 fingers pointing me back,
but at least i realise what went right or wrong.

Taking a case for an example,
ur lecturer is trying to hard to present well in order to make u understand easier or better.
and right behind, u're just laughing like a cow.
Not only that u annoy ur lecturer, u're annoying others like gods sake.

The lecturer actually asked u to quiet down or keep quiet but people just cant glue their freaking mouths or shut their voice box down for at least a second.

I even went thru a scenario before ;

Girl ABC : *laughs loudly and talks non stop like a shooting gun*
Me : Do u mind, lower down please? (: *i asked super politely*
Girl ABC : okay.
*after 1 min*
Me : *couldnt take this anymore* Hey ABC, im sure ur mom dont pay ur fees for u to talk here right?
Girl ABC : yeah, she did.

i think such ungrateful girl dont deserve to be placed in a good education place.
not only that she waste her mom's money,
she contributing a whole load of noise which most of the people find annoying.

Another case is,
People just had to talk to their listeners as if their listeners are as deaf as their grandparents.
I trully understand if someone in ur family is almost deaf until u had to talk super loud and its alrd a habit.
But, dont people learn manners the moment the step out from their doorsteps ?
People give excuses like "oh, it runs in the family. my whole family speaks super loud"
that doesnt mean that friends or listeners are the same either.
since people are asking u why are u talking loudly, u should actually understand in a way that people are asking u to lower ur voice down.
isnt that common sense and understoodable?

Lastly, when u had to call someone from one end to another end,
its super annoying when u had to yell "EH, ABC!!"
when ABC couldnt hear at all, u keep yelling louder and louder until u draw the whole freaking wide world's attention.
it might not annoy u , but hey, cant u tolerate ?
instead, why not walk over to ABC's place and give ABC a nudge on the shoulder or something ?
please make use of god's creation for god's sake.

cant people just reflect themselves ? or maybe shut up ?

at the end of the day, people eventually look down on you for not being respectful to others.