Why vampires suck?

Some people might think that vampires are cool.

vampires suck because ;

- before they even show themselves they are annoying blood sucking bats.
who the heck likes bats? they are freaking scary!

- they sleep in a rectangle shaped wooden box which known as, the coffin.
u can barely even roll left or right in that long wooden box. okay la, unless your family is rich enough to get u glamour coffin.

- vampires are freaking cold blooded.
in Malaysia it might be a +1 advantage to hug someone who is damn cold lah. but, we can option for air cond right? or i rather dress myself up in raincoat and hug a block of ice wtf. having a gf/bf vampire, so not cool.

- vampires' teeth are scary
imagine u french kiss with a vampire. wtf. comfirm poke ur lips until bleed and they end up sucking ur blood and walaa. RIP and welcome to the vampire world. which actually explains in twilight when Edward first kissed Bella he pushed himself away. and also, little kids see also confurm run away.

- anti sunlight.
i dont think vampires sparkle okay. if so, it would be weird to walk with a sparkling bf/gf. and during pictures u prolly cant even see him/ her bcs its over exposed!

- they dont die.
they are already dead like hello. they can probably live for trillion years. when u're 80 yrs old, they still look like 20 yrs old. unless u find an old vampire to date with

- most vampires arent vegetarian.
if im a vampire and my human boyf is freaking juicy, i would prolly suck his blood. since i wont grow old and yes, i can hunt any other juicy looking males. mwahahaha and that sucks because u'll never find true human love. T____T

- female vampires would prolly face shopping problems and that sucks.
i mean, since u anti daylight confirm u anti light also la. and like what i've stated, if u sparkle, people might think u're a weirdo or maybe they'll even feel terrified and faster close shop or the owner might prolly throw hangers to me just to shoo me away.

- vampires dont eat?
they suck blood but they dont eat normal food like how humans do i guess?
i mean, i dont think they fancy pasta, sushi or pizza like how we do right? omg. i dont know.

- vampires are strong
it sucks because they would prolly break every single thing they touch or hold.

i think thats all i could think of why vampires suck.

hopefully i'll get the tics, nuffie :D


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