boo ):

i know i have not been a good blogger recently.
left this lil space abandoned.
sorry ):
despite the number of readers, i'll still rant here anyways.

i've been caught up with quite a lot of things recently.

1) first tests

2) crappy assignments. *i gotta admit this semester's one suck balls*

3) grumpy lecturers to please

4) speaking of fact No.1, my result sucks. i really need to buck up and pull my socks even higher. even if i dont wear one wtf.

5) have been travelling quite a lot eversince the merdeka hols.

6) dentist check up. well, not only that, my wire came out the other day which is a total FML. now i visit the dentist much more often alrd. double fml.

7) keeping up the drama. and i am totally in love with KimTakGoo

8) still spinning my brain thinking whether should i get a small tattoo behind my waist.

9) busy craving for desserts. yes, i have a sweet tooth and nothing completes me without any desserts

10) doing tons of workshits given by my maths lect due to his a month leave to the States. Yay but horror!

shall end it here ;)

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