holla humanies!

i've been away from blogging i know.

caught up with quite a lot of things from college and yes, its horrible.
i dont feel lucky for this semester. FML.
firstly, i feel dumb-er.
secondly, certain lecturer sucks which im not gona say it here.
thirdly, Accountings is giving me a serious major heart attack.

never in my life touched before accountings.
actually i did touch before, just that, i didnt put on effort learning.
it was back during my secondary school year, where i was FORCED to choose Perdagangan.
which is quite related to a little business and wood stuff.
we did do a little double entry stuff and all.
back then, I DID NOT LIKE IT AT ALL.
see see, that is why, no matter what ur teacher tells u now, better LISTEN.

things that we learn in primary / secondary is indeed useful for our daily lives.
okay, cutting out the craps and back to the point.
yes, eventually, Accountings has became a scary subject to me. and it takes a little longer for me to absord things up.

next is the lousy Economics. i have a feeling of failing that subject this semester omg.
her teaching method is a little different compared to my previous econs lecturer.
he teaches us using the textbook and slides all the time but this lecturer she uses slides only.
and when i happen to flip thru the textbook again, a flock of birds flew thru my mind. wtf.

on the lucky side,
i was very lucky to receive another pair of tickets from the generous advertising company, Nuffnang.
didnt expect that i'll be given a second chance to get those pair of tickets.
this time was Vampires Sucks at 1U.
we were a little late so yeah, seating was quite front.
the movie was oh-sum in a way that makes u laugh ur asses off.
*only if u watched the twilight saga movies*

most of my friends came across and asked me;
wont u get upset or angry over the show, Vampire Sucks since they are making fun of ur favourite movie, Twilight Saga?

well, to be honest, i am not that die-hard fan of the Twilight Saga movies but i would still watch for the sake of Jacob wtf wtf. the only guy i love is Jacob nao. wtf wtf.
plus, its just a movie, why so serious? :D

and yes, i just had my monthly check up with the dentist.
and FML. the nurse forced me to choose the colour of rubbers even if i say i dont want to.
i choose GOLD in colour since my friend said its nice.

Dr wong was done with my lower jaw until he said ;
eh, dia bukan nak warna gold meh? apasal purple?

nurse panicked and gave him gold.

until when he's almost done with my upper jaw he said;
now u got 2 colours. purple and gold. very nice one!

i gave him the doubtful voice and said ;
are u sure? DONT LIE.

he said ;
YES YES. later u see.


thank god the purple isnt obvious since its at the lower jaw.


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