Car Paranoid.

Okay, today im gona like type essay over here since im being super paranoid over something right now.

*im calling this the essay place bcs Tumblr is more towards short stories. hehh d: *

when i was wandering outside the college this morning,
i saw a few cars being towed nearby the McD area.
and the first car was a black in colour Mazda.
my condolence!
and a few was some common branded cars which was parking along the yellow line.
clearly it was illegal.

* i dont get it why would people wana take the risk of parking over there for the sake of convinience*

okay, back to the main point. since i happen to witness these scenarios, i happen to google this :

yes, i am very paranoid of my car being towed / stolen one day.

because how the heck am i suppose to get home if my car wasnt with me and im at the middle of no where with no cash but a credit card. unless Malaysian cabs do accept credit cards.

so yeap, i clicked the first result and i went o.O when i read this comment

i was pretty impressed that the guy described the stolen car incident so detailed until he needs to let people know what size is he wearing. o.O
thats not it, another fella commented about Sri Petaling which is the area im living in right now.

*not sure its the Sri Petaling, Selangor or the Sri Petaling, KL one lah. fts. Malaysia suck in making road names that confuses people! *

i mean,
what if this same thing happens to my house also!
since we have 4 cars now. *not bragging ok.*
mom's car parked inside, dad's outside the gate, mine and sissy's one opp the road.
what if one day someone would steal our cars?
maybe they call a gang of 4 to come steal each of our cars?
and i bet my family wakes up in the morning looking outside the window/ door wondering why the car porch / road so empty and jumps in joy because everyone dont need to attend work / go to college.


but high chances they might not want my car bcs my car is like super old wtf.
my car is like older than me. it was the first batch of Wira car that time. the proton logo is the old one ok!
and this car is an ahgua one lor.
because it used to be a manual car (my grannie's car)
and then my dad bought it over for my sissy and he transexual-ed this car to auto.
and eversince i started college, i had to use car everyday.
which ending up my sissy had to buy her own 2nd hand car.

*and fcuk u people who thinks "who on earth wants to buy a 2nd hand car" bcs my family isnt as rich as urs ok.*

but what if my car got stolen nearby my college!?!?!?!

*bcs i always park at the parking space which i called it the abunene place bcs a bunch of indian guys runs that place*

i mean, sometimes when i finish class on the way walking back to my car i would actually wonder what if my car went missing one day!?
what should i even do?
its impossible to ask the indian fellors because they arent responsible for this and i parked at my own risk.
i always told myself to call my dad first because i dont think anyone else who i phone will layan me.

for instance, my mother. the queen of not answering calls.
there was once i was lucky to spot an empty space and i went to park over there because my mom always ask me to get buns for her.
i stayed in the car and called her 3 times with no answers. wtf.

what if my dad went outstation!?!
okay, maybe i call... my sister.
but at times she wont pick my calls because she's teaching.


i dont think police would want to help me at all. T______T


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