i know i have not been an efficient blogger lately.
there are too many things in between which i had to do in a short period of time.
and also umexpected things happening.
sigh, the thing is, i dont see this as a good month ):

so, this morning we presented our assignments in slides.
and each of us had to do our parts.
sigh, seriously, i find it as a huge dissappointment.
whats worst, the marks were given equally.
imagine if a group member screws up the presentation, i bet the marks would be screwed too.

why wouldnt people just do their best instead of putting a piece of crap thinking that its a perfect work?
sometimes, i am seriously sick of doing group assignments especially in a group of 4 people.
its not that i dont love teamwork.
i love teamwork but i just find it unfair if a person or 2 does the whole work while others just act like the dont know or dont care and gain marks.
is this even fair ?

plus, sometimes im sick of being nice to people as well.
eventually people would take the chance to step on ur head with no mercy.
i know that im lucky to have almost everything that i wanted from my parents, but most of the time, i dont demand anything luxurious from my parents.
i didnt even want them to get me luxurious or branded gifts for me.
having a 2nd hand car from my grandma is prolly the happiest thing.
this is because my dad gave me freedom but the freedom i gained i wouldnt dare to take much advantages.
sometime, people tried to be a "nice" friend for the sake of me providing them transport.
eventually they'll just keep u driving around and use up ur precious time.
i know as a friend, we shouldnt be calculative and all.
but, on the other hand, would people ever be grateful for what u've done especially in this era?
honestly, out of my 10 friends, only 1 of my friend whom i feel very thankful and grateful to have her in my life.

despite we had to be apart soon, i appreciate every single minute being with her and telling each other all sort of lame jokes.
as i often mention,money isnt the best asset. instead, time is the most expensive asset as it never turns back.
plus, how much time would we ever have in our lives?
we'll never know what's gona happen next.
so why not make use of our best asset by appreciating and cherishing the people around us instead?
why not make use of the time by putting the best effort in every single thing that we're doing in order not to regret in future?

time does not wait for us.

sorry if i am rambling nonsense over here ):

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