what 2010 meant to me

Since im having shit loads of time,
maybe I should just conclude how has 2010 been to me (:
I honestly enjoyed it.

It was surely a whole new year or brand new year to me as I've completed high school.
And this was when i first set my food into college life.
I thought it would be awful, apparently not.
Instead, friends that i made were awesome people.
Beside my high school friends, I think they are the few ones who trully understands me the most.
They've even tolerated my tantrums and knows whats right and not in me.
Therefore, Im glad they came into my life.
Despite some of them are leaving somewhere else to further their studies ):

Anyways, things are not completely perfect and smooth.
Despite the dramas created and shits,
I wont even bother looking back nor care about it anymore.
Life goes on right?
Plus, I would rather make more friends than enemies.
And also, do my every best to change and be a better person.

I really loved it when my college friends and I have heart attacks all the time due to our results.

Not to forget,
my high school friends.
Im happy that I am warmly invitied to gatherings and all.
Because its really nice to keep with each other eventhou we're in seperate directions.
Im glad that our bonds are still strong (:

In family wise,
As usual, Im really thankful to have such caring and loving parents to look after me.
Also, my sister who has been helpful and such a cupcake all these while.
This surely strengthened our bonds (:
I really couldnt ask for more.

Overall, 2010 has been a good year to me.
And Im looking forward to 2011.
2011 please be better alright?

Maybe I should start making my 2011 resolutions (:

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