If I were the Green Hornet

Green Hornet

If Iwere the Green Hornet,
the first thing I would do to stop crime is to fully equip myself will all sort of weapons.
from eenie tiny ones to the huge ones like bazooka (wait, im not sure if its consider as as huge one but who cares. as long as it kills d: )
the reason why i would say eenie tiny ones is because its hideous and in case i ran out of bullets i could use it :D

In order to stop crimes,
I would not sleep during the night time especially (because thats the peak hour of commiting a crime i guess? )
of course, I also suit myself up in green with a mask in order to keep my identity as anonymous!
I would place mirco chips in every building, houses, shops and if possible in every citizen in the country that detects crime.
So, whenever a crime is being taken place, it would trigger the micro chip and it sends a beeping signal to my ultimate green in colour device!

As soon as I receive the the notification,
I would shrink myself and fly to the destination as quickly as possible!
which I would look like this!
okay, it might not look that pretty or awesome, but thats the best i could find in google image search :p
and, never under-estimate the size and ability. it may be tiny but its deadly! *evil laugh*

Then, when I reached the place, I would un-shrink myself into my green suit and defeat the bad guys with my equipments that I've brought along.
I would not completely kill the bad guys, at most I would only put them into deep sleep and make a police report.
I'll wait till the policemen come and let them to the rest of the job.
Then, *poof* run away and dissapear!

If these criminals have not learnt their lessons after being punished by the cops,
I'll show them no mercy by killing them!

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