list of things i hate about malaysians

since i am super duper free,
i guess i'll keep this tiny lil space alive for a while.
i can "proudly" say that im a malaysian for 19 years and still counting,
and there's many bad habits that i've observed in this particular country's culture.
dont flame me if there's anything u dont like, its just my 2 cents opinion.
anyway, here comes the list of things i dislike about malaysians:

1) Cutting queue.
i guess besides China, i cant find any other countries who are so skilled in cutting queues.
especially in busy places such as supermarket. and yes, i visit the supermarket almost every weekend to stock up my groceries needs. call me aunty, i dont care because its not like im rich to have a personal shopper to do it for me. boo.
yes, back to the point, it happens most to aunties especially when u're in a long que and its either pretend that they're blind by not knowing where the queue starts or they'll prolly end up saying "i only have one item. please let me in?"
so? one item no need to queue ah? owe u one meh!?

2) bitches that doesnt know the way of pee-ing.
yes, this is dedicated to all bitches who does not have a penis.
one thing i hate about public toilets is that when u enter a toilet with seatings, u are most likely to witness the most ewww-est thing which is pee stain or droplets on the toilet seat. oh yeah, which i also must add, shoe prints. for heaven's sake, if its a seating toilet, just place ur ass on it by not squatting on the toilet seat. if u find it dirty, im pretty sure some toilets do provide toilet seat sanitizer okay. worst come to worst, just put a layer of tissue on the toilet bowl lah. if u had to do the squatting and pee, JUST ENTER THE TOILET WITHOUT THE SEAT. is that even that hard to understand ? what have u bitches been learning for the past years in primary and high school ?

3) inconsiderate motorcyclists
yes, for those who drives a motor, please, move ASIDE. *i purposely bold it in red!*
dont drive at the middle of the lane and block everyone as if we owe u.
to be honest , we know that motor is way smaller than a car. since u know u're smaller, which means u are most likely or should i say, ur life has a higher chance at risk. since u know ur life is at risk, MOVE aside wont ya? moving aside wont take away 10 years of ur life. in fact, u might gain an extra 10 years of ur life.
I've even met some motor who thinks that their great grandfather owns the whole road in malaysia, they refuse to move aside and when u overtake them, they tend to move nearer to ur car to make it look as if u're about to knock them. then they'll either show u their dick fingers or pick up a fight u. most prolly they'll just yell outside like an orang utan. hello, that one old trick already okay? get a better one. and other countries like Indonesia, the motorcyclists are way smarter okay. and if they block the road, cars are gona honk them like there's no tomorrow. so malaysian motorist, be ethical okay!

3) during traffic jam moments. "oh look, the opposite lane is so much faster!"
yes, dumb asses, cutting to the other lane makes not much difference fyi. and during peak hours, im pretty sure everyone wants to get their asses home as early as possible. go get a private jet if u needed to reach home that fast .

4) waiter/ waitress / workers' attitudes
making a boutique as an example, obviously u would wana try clothes before buying them right ? and of course u'll seek for sizes and not every clothing u tried u will buy right ? surely there's some pieces that doesnt suits u or stuff. and when u said "sorry, i dont want this. thank you", u'll prolly get a death stare from the worker and he/she might be cursing u the moment u step away. like hello, dont we have the rights to choose what we wana buy ? plus, since u're not happy with ur job, why even bother working ? just quit ur freaking job and shake ur legs at home for goodness sake. and if u had to work for the sake of money, just do ur freaking job by enjoying it lar. dont stare at innocent people as if they killed your momma. when i was in Indonesia, the people there are way much different polite. eventhough u dont wana buy the clothes after trying, they'll still smile and say THANKYOU. in malaysia? they call u get lost or jinx-er got lah.

5) drivers who think that there is no tomorrow.
i seriously hate drivers who drives at the middle or fast lane with the speed of 60km/h ?
hello, get the meaning of fast lane or not ? obviously people who uses the fast lane are in a hurry right?
and yes, we get it that u're enjoying ur journey and better be safe than sorry,
but just move aside when u think that u have all the time u want.
seriously, in busy places in the city, u wouldnt want to drive like that or else people would keep flashing u and give u a deadly stare.

6) text and drive.
need i say more ? if u're doing this super often, u never know that u might win a lucky draw. and the prize would be a free trip to hell. not only that u're blocking the road or maybe driving zig-zagly, when there's accident, clearly u're slowing everyone's time.

7) wait lar, on the way.
right, on the way. nobody likes waiting. if u're one the people who uses this phrase super often, why not try waiting for people over and over again ?

8) rubbish
i never see malaysia as a cleanner place as years goes by. seriously, people could not make the habit of throwing rubbish in a proper place. and as i know, happens to MOST of the smokers especially, when they buy a new pack of cigges, as they unwrap the plastic, they LOVE throwing it onto the floor assuming plastic is transparent and how can a tiny lil rubbish harm anyway? yes, if a million people thinks that, malaysia would be surely break the guiness world record by having the dirtiest country in the world. also! people who loves throwing rubbish out from their vehicle. very fun hor, see the rubbish float in the air? try putting that into ur mouth sucker.

9) elevator or door ethics.
when u're in a lift, obviously the people inside leaves FIRST before the people outside enters right? and hello, people outside who rushes in before the people insides leaves deserves a huge spank on their asses. cant u guys just wait? its not like the lift is gona fly up like a rocket in no time. and another thing, when u hold the lift for them, they either take their sweet time walking in or entering the lift without saying thankyou. hello, time is precious and shouldnt u be thankful that people hold the lift because of u? its the same goes to opening or closing doors, we are not bell boys, please say thank you if people open a door for u. its not like we owe u, retards.

10) double parking
super famous in malaysia i tell u.
whats worst, when people double park you, and when u honk them, they cannot hear one.
after 30 mins of honking, u'll prolly see them coming out from a massage centre or hair saloon with their hair soaked with loads of chemicals.
whats worst, they dont even bother saying sorry.
sometimes, they dont even realise that they're blocking ur way.
sigh, malaysians.

i think thats all i could think of. i shall add more into the list if i could think of any (:

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