one thing I've learn during New Year's Eve

2010's new year's eve,
we've decided to not be sandwiches in the city area.
pickpockets and molestors are surely not our favourite.

we came up of a plan of having a BBQ gathering.
and it was only us girls,
no boys.

we thought that we were able to start a fire without the fire starter.
apparently not.
and here comes the rescue of my friend's uncle.

and what we learn was : we can never live without men.
which i think is really true.
and what i meant was men in general. it could be a friend, boyfriend or husband or father, or grandfather or uncle or whoever who has an anus would be considered as a man.

okay, we might think that how often would we need to start a BBQ fire.

in terms of daily routine,
what if our kitchen ran out of gas?
its quite impossible for a girl to carry a heavy load tong of gas right ?
*unless that lady does heavy lifting and she can carry the tong with a finger then im speechless*
which explains gas man needs to carry for us.
see, we still need a man!
okay, maybe a group of girls would do the job but how often do u have people in your house unless a few girls are renting in that place.

and i know some of u might actually think that we can live without men.
which i think everyone has their own reason to make that sort of statement.
i did think before that women can live without men which is true.
in a way, we still need the help of men in our lives.

okay, back to the point,
we had a small gathering during the eve and we had loads of fun.
as soon as the clock shot midnight,
we made our resolutions and wishes together
then cleaned the place up.

since the night was still energetic,
we headed to midvalley starbucks which they open until 2am.
by the time i had home it was alrd 3.30am.
it was indeed a good night.

next day, our family headed to Kuantan to visit the grannies again in conjuction to celebrate my grandpa's birthday.
it is probably one of my happy weekend (:

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