self realisation

since that this page is kinda dead.
i've decided to use the time to actually make the effort to describe something about myself which people might not realise.

im that kind of girl that doesnt mix around with strangers or new friends for the first time.
i may seem a little, unfriendly and quiet.
its just something that im not good in.
people often say that there are few phrases which are topic starters, the thing is, i tried before and it didnt really work. ):
maybe socialising isnt my best talent.
but, i've been trying my very best.
which explains, i often smile to people when i have nothing to say.

since i dont talk much with non close friends, my circle of friends would be pretty small.
people may seem to know me or i seem to know them,
but the fact is, when it comes to problem facing moments,
non of my friends are there to back me up except for a few.

i guess im that kind that keeps everything to myself.
shy and timid .
it would be great if i could just be more "socializing" towards people,
but it seems to be super hard ):

on the other hand,
my degree is about to start pretty soon.
which is like, next week.
its been months already my holidays .
and, i've gotten this job in KLPac for a play.
being involved with that job was something different and indeed enjoyable (:

shall stop rambling here.

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