facts of being a person.

one thing i realise about people is that people can only react in 2 ways towards their lives.
its either they play the honest policy or the "shoe polishing" policy.
to me, i dont really fancy the "shoe polishing" policy.
therefore, im rather take up honesty one instead.
next, there are only 2 kinds of people. one who accepts the truth and another one living in denial.
again, first option.
next again, people who is being nice and not nice.
no doubt, being someone who is nice.

what i am about to blog is that,
no matter what positive side u are in, eventually u have someone who steps on u which makes u turn into a bad ass.
apparently, it happens to me all the time.

my dad has always tell me to be nice to people.
yes, i admit that i do that all the time. i start up nice but i might end up not nice.
because what is the point for me to be nice if that person isnt worth for me to be nice as in, he/she set a foot on ur head?

and sometimes i admit that my words could be really harsh and so.
but this is just honesty. policy number 1 !
and when that happens, people end up being so offended.
why? because i was being honest .
the thing is, when people tend to not accept harshness, they wouldnt accept the fact .
so is that even my fault when people dont accept the fact ?
plus, i were to be the "shoe polisher" side, i would prolly end up telling the opposition of everything. when that happens, you're being labeled as FAKE.
see? isnt it hard to please people ?
if i had to be honest and fake at the same time? i would prolly not know who the hell am i.
isnt these part of personality and reality ?

thats why, another of my dad saying is that,
yes, you have to be nice with people but, when people tend to take advantage on you or pick up an issue with you, why waste time ?
move on. since you did nothing wrong, why would you want to debate on something that people not only dont accept, and yet accuse you for being wrong.
the thing is, i try my best to avoid drama like this .
and yes, i might be ending up expressing how i feel by telling my friends. but arent those my problem?
if you have to care by doing the same thing like i did which is talking to your friends, go ahead. i dont care. because if i had to care every lil damn thing, i would prolly end up as the busiest woman on earth. so, i dont give a damn .
and another thing is, when i talk about something or someone, i dont criticize or discriminate their physical looks.
if i had to do so, i would prolly disrespect god or underestimate god's power by making each of us unique. thus, if u happen to criticize about my physical outlooks, go ahead .
its you againts the god. not me (:
and if that happens, it shows that you're disobeying god. hence, go to hell !

in the nutshell, its really hard to be who you are . and mind you all, we are not born to please every single one and yes, we have to bear what's nice and what's not. it sucks to be you if you hate me (:

nuff said .

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