okie dokie,
i know that my blog is pretty much dead.
lets hope that i still have my loyal readers or any anonymous readers perhaps ?
degree is seriously a pain in the ass .
once, a lecturer said that , foundation is the main game.
most stressful year ever.
after that, the worst is over. degree is sort of heaven.
which i dont think so .
it feels like hell now.
at least during my pre-u days, we have more assignments and quizes that carries more weightage.
now, final exam carries much more weightage and everything is pretty much different .
sigh .

also, i miss a few people that actually left INTI to continue their studies elsewhere.
despite the dramas and hate, but hey, thats what keeping me filled w gossips to gossip.
i know its bad to gossip, but who doesnt loves to listen to gossips and even gossip.

lately, assignments and test pretty ate much half of my life.
i have mini tests almost every week and things comes boom boom boom .
cant they just come one step at a time? ):

anyways, not much to blog about lately,
everything is pretty much the same. (:

p/s: made a few majors at the right side bar. deleted the chatbox since its filled w spams. just comment kay (:

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