blissful sunday .

top : Tiramisu ; bottom : Lemon Meringue

went over to aunt's place to do some baking.
was suppose to go the day before but there was a rally going on.
daddy warned sister and i not to head out.
it was indeed a torturing satuday.
its okay, today was a fruitful day ^______^
sister made Tiramisu today and i love her tiramisu a lot.
i often request extra coffee, extra rum and extra chocolate! hehe!
all i did was to seperate and mix the basic stuff.
perhaps sister didnt me, the trouble maker to screw up her expensive dessert ! :3

right after the Tiramisu,
aunt and i made the Lemon Meringue.
i did a mistake at first and had to start all over the dough.
sorry god for wasting food ):

with a little help from everyone, i think we handled it pretty well.
it was quite challenging because making the tart is like calling hell to switch on the aircond.
im not sure if i would called it a successful one as i've never eaten or baked before a lemon meringue.
after that, i gave a box of 2 to Amy for her to try.
how often do i bake anyway? and i always shower her w food and love d:
i hope she doesnt think i treat her as a white rat ):
i'll be giving one to Trisha as well since she desperately wants it no matter how much i criticised my Lemon Meringue from top to bottom.

im so jealous of aunt's KitchenAid mixer. its like an ugly woman who just did a major plastic surgery.
its so sexy and it comes w so many pretty colours!
sister and i are dying to get one but its so expensive. ):
shall start saving money for it ! *serious face*

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