perfect roasted chicken .

tuesday was western night .
i made a roasted chicken for the night.
pretty happy w the outcome since i followed Jamie Oliver's recipe.
but there is a little space for improvements .

wednesday i took a day off for myself from the kitchen .
headed to Midvalley w Amy since she needed to shop .
i refrained from shopping since my wallet isnt fat lately .
it was really sweet of Amy to get clothings for her mom as well .
we went to food garden for a light lunch since we didnt want to spend a lot on food and it was kinda late already.

Milo cupcakes.

thursday i was quite free and i made Milo cupcakes.
it turns out to be delicious since i doubled the amount of milo used in this cupcake .
i've even used the non local milo which is the australian formulated ones.
yummers. i love australian milo compared to msian ones. so much milkier !
the butter icing was good but i think its overly sweet .
baking lesson ; always reduce the amount of sweetness from the recipe unless u really have a sweet tooth .

i will prolly make them soon again for my collegemates and for more people to try (:
a pinch of coffee into the cupcakes perhaps ? i guess it'll turn to Neslo cupcakes!

that night , headed down to Taipan w the uncle & aunt for Starbucks since i've been owing them drinks for ages. it was a great night filled w personal thoughts and views . sure did bring us closer and closer . i gave them cupcakes too !

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