I feel ashamed ):

from the title above, yes. i am. very. ashamed. of. myself. for. not. putting. on. effort. onto. this. tiny. and. miserable. space.
i am that ashamed until i didnt wana show my face but my legs. *major sad face*


well, its not like i get a million readers. so i think its just fine. hahaha. im full of bullshit and excuses.
just a summary on what i have been thru for the past months.
life in college was like a roller coaster ride. yes, we had our honeymoon holidays during the semester. but clearly i was taking advantage on the holidays. i did not even touch my assingments and homeworks for that whole week.
back to college was, hell.
assignment due dates were drawing near and the whole class were shitting bricks and cursing 24/7 in facebook saying that they would not make it in time or the lecturer was being a total pain in the ass.
ANYWAY, we made it through!
despite the complains and moments of being a pms woman, we still made it thru.

another i-wana-suicide-moments was, i realised that my final exam paper happen to clash w my travelling date to cambodia.
it was a rob during daylight scene when we checked online in the airasia site on changing the travelling date. the fare was, not reasonable at all .
so, dad and sister came to a decision where i fly to cambodia myself on the following day which i did! (:
it was my first time flying alone. quite a stressful experience but yeah, INDEPENDENCE BABY!
cambodia was great. im really impressed w the temples and also the locals over there.
unlike oh-so-great-malaysia, people there actually are very fortunate to have a job despite the low income.
not to mention, they even put loads of effort to learn new languages to improve themselves.
in malaysia, i dont think they even bother to think on brushing on their english.
seriously, epic fail .

after cambodia, we travelled back to kuantan to visit the grannies.
grandpa was a little unwell because his leg hurt like a million knives just stabbed his leg.
he couldnt even stand up or walk. even if he needed to, it takes him nearly 10 minutes to only stand up. ): poor grandma.
but, the weekend when we went to kuantan, grandpa's leg was in a very good condition. he could swing his leg as if he was about to kick a ball ! hahaha. cute grandpa.
whats even better, his face totally lit like a freshly lit lightbulb which makes me even happier.
he couldnt stop telling us about his stories during the war and his family.
what i love most in my grannies' home is the wall.
they are filled w all sorts of photo frames.
wedding pictures, grandchild pictures, graduation pictures, family pictures, cover magazine pictures and you name it .
i wish my granduation picture would be hung there as well ): apparently they are moving down to kl already!
im okay w it. as long as they get to witness me graduate ! ^____^

lately, i've been going to aunt's place to do baking !
we even had our homemade pizza!
it was really good since we get to put all sorts of topping that we personally love (:
will be heading over to her place again this week to make lemon meringue and hopefully tiramisu as well.

other than that, i've been pretty good by keeping in touch w Rebeeca who is currently in the country filled w kangaroos and koala bears. yes, Perth, Australia. it feel great to be able to be so close yet so far w her. we often laugh at our stupid jokes in msn. (:

also, last friday, i finally got to meet up w Vivien together w Amy (she is special case because i see her at least once a week never fail!) we went to sunway for jappy and Amy treated me. thankyouverymuch! it was indeed a great dinner because Vivien flooded the hours w all her funny lil stories! one funny thing that Vivien told us was, Amy and I had a total different style. her colors are all dark and gloomy and mine is all sweet and pinky. HAHA. i guess that is why we click in a way? we did some ring shopping and Vivien went all gaga over the rings they have there. she ended up buying like 5 rings? i dont remember. we wanted to go to Gongcha in ss15 but the traffic there was a total bitch. it was totally impossible to get a proper parking space and it closed eventually ): sorry Vivien! i shall bring u to Gongcha one day! i pinky promise! and oh, i've even met a new friend named Vivian. HAHA. i find it cute for them to have the same name by a vowel different!

i guess thats it for now.

till then !

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