Recap .

this is what i did for the week ;

scrapped durian cake :B

it was a durian feast. one morning, dad came home w 4 average sized durians.
we nearly died eating them and as usual, we couldnt finish and kept them .
next day, mom brought home a huge container filled w durians. it was from the uncle.
we died again. sister took the idea up of making durian cakes. :3
sister did nice onces by using the round shaper to make them look neat and i came up w the idea of using the chiffon cake scraps to make it into a "cake"
or else it would be really wasted to be thrown into a bin ):
anyways, i gave that cup to Amy because i think it looks really really cute w the durian custard oozing out. yummers!

fresh scallops w cauliflower puree and bacon crumble topping

clearly i did not come out w this recipe.
it was inspired by Julie Goodwin w an appearance at Aus Masterchef S2.
i made these at the same day but for dinner.
since mommy bought these juicy scallops like ages, i thought of clearing the freezer by cooking them .
the recipe was really really simple and i think everyone enjoyed the scallops .
^____^ it was also a prove to daddy because he often complain that i glue my eyes to Masterchef so much and i did not cook for him .
glad he loved it !

at the same night, i boiled wintermelon w dried cuttlefish soup.
it was not that bad either. i didnt take a picture of that because i was really busy travelling around like a bee to get ingredients.

i nearly died that day because it was so tiring to actually cook.
imagine those who actually have to cook and do the house chores.
housewives really deserve a huge appreciation ;)

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