The Tourists .

sister wanted to get some fabrics to sew some pouches and stuff .
so i tagged Amy along because i could use her help .
turns out that we did a little sight seeing .
since i have never been to Central Market . even if i did that was when i had baby teeth .
i quite enjoy what i've seen . and i feel like a tourist walking around .
oh well, people might have mistaken me as a singaporen . :B
even visited Petaling Street and had the famous soya bean drink and tau fu fah .
soya ftw !

we end up buying double the amount of fabric compared to the previous visit to Kamdar.
but no doubt there are difference in terms of quality .
and i was pretty jakun taking pictures of the city because i dont walk around the streets of the city so often :/
so much of being a pampered daughter. tsk .
wanted to snap more but i didnt dare to flash my Panda around so much incase someone would take Panda away from me )':

yes, we did a lot of walking . ftw !

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