Wednesday .

today was quite a good day.
horoscope mentioned something good that relates to relationship and all.
however, i'll prolly just go "meh, screw it. relationship horoscopes never worked for me"
im not sure if i've blogged this previously,
horoscope once mention that i had to cancel one of my trips for good.
and it was god damn real. i had to postponed my trip a day later for my exams.
hopefully it pays off ! ^______^

i had to drove the sister out today and run some errands.
then Amy came over for manicure session.
she mentioned that every time she comes to my place, she leaves w a pair of fully groomed nails!
HAHA! she's such a sweetheart for real.
if anyone had to ask why are we such good friends, i dont think any word could describe this precious friendship. (:

i called back Kuantan and talk to the granny.
i was glad to hear that my grandpa doesnt need his walking tool anymore.
he manage to walk and drive around freely which literally made me happy and i nearly teared .
i miss grandpa but i didnt manage to talk to him ):
its okay, grandma will send my warm regards to him <3

during the night we made our way to ss15 to have a Gongcha drink.
Amy was pretty happy w her drink and it made us feel really bloated.
i even gave Amy a chance to drive home.
i think she did a good job for a newbie. althou there were flaws .
but yeah, everyone isnt perfect right?

i guess thats it. good night <3

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